Guardian Heroes Again… Again!


More Sega related hijinks now as reports abound regarding a potential sequel to the soon to be rereleased Guardian Heroes. Fans of the original game will have long been looking forward to getting their withered old man hands on the XBLA (and maybe PSN at some point) release and it’s spangly new HD filter-smoothed graphics. However, it seems more than just this update is in the pipeline.

Commenting recently on the project, in house Treasure minion Hirotoshi Matsuura revealed, “Originally, the project started as Guardian Heroes 2”.

2, you say? Perhaps someone should tell him theres already a sequel in the form of Advance Guardian Heroes on the GBA? Mind you, according to the Grig Orig Bat Computer, it was published by Ubisoft and not Sega so it may have stood a chance of not being appalling. Hopefully by giving the new game the number 2 it wont be a description of the quality. Anyhoo…
Really?! Why I’m intrigued! Go ahead, do…

“The team that had been working on Sin & Punishment [last year’s Wii sequel], after that project they wanted to start a new game.”

A Streets of Rage Remake, perhaps? Oh wait…

“The project started as Guardian Heroes 2, but the publisher – that’s SEGA – said in order to create a sequel, they wanted us to revitalize the IP. So instead of starting on the sequel we made a remake.”

Sounds bang up Sega’s street to me. They must be about to revitalise a heck of a lot of franchises if their recent form is anything to go by. But wait just a cotton pickin’ minute! Let us focus on the positives here for once! Guardian Heroes 2 is… potentially… on the cards! That’s if the XBLA remake sells well enough to convince Sega there’s enough interest for it anyway. Better get buying my Grigs! Not that such a thing as popular franchises have stopped Sega from jumping ship at random in the past. Tssk!

But I digress. Tell me kind sir, what can the Griggish Empire expect were we to ever get such a sequel?

“The original core game mechanics is a 2D, layer-based game, and that’s what we like about it. We may create characters and backgrounds in 3D, but the core mechanics will be the same.”

So there you have it. Not much of a developmental outline there, but the fact it’s even been acknowledged is better than nothing! And forgoing the fact that it will undoubtedly suck if Sega have anything to do with it, we have to ponder, could it really happen? Or is it all too much of a step in the right direction that will have Sega running scared and in their panic trying to get hold of the publishing rights to Barbie Horse Adventures 2? One things for sure – only time, and a future Grig shaped update will tell!

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