Daytona title screen xbla psn
Dibbs blogged it, bedgell blogged it, and now we have a release date, i am bloggin it, along with every other worthy game blog. Daytona USA the original is coming to XBLA on the 26th October worldwide, though state side get it a day earlier, as do the american ps3, Europe ps3 has to wait until November for some reason. Not that we care, coz xbla baby yeah. so get your rolling start on because online mutliplayer and leaderboards are a coming to this most deserverd game for a modern era port. If it plays the same looks the same but just has the extra functionality i will be happy, now all they need to do is the same for the original Sega Rally and NiGHTS into Dreams and i’m set.

Trailer video of the new old daytona after the break type hiding thing below

And further below are screenshots from the model 2 arcade emulator.

Daytona rolling start

Daytona rolling start

Daytona usa title screen (arcade emu)

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