Bethesda’s lawyers go outters on @notch mojang

What! we hear you cry, this can’t be, we love notch, why would they do such a thing, apparently the name “scrolls” which is Mojangs other game in development, is infringing trademark on The Elder Scrolls Skyrim name, they’re worried people will confuse them :-/, i mean what people? and what difference does it make, its one word, its not like its sonic, and people might accidently buy a game thats better than the official sonics that come out anyway, geeez!. @notch has tweet picted an image of the document The document has been encrypted in a 256 bit aes algorithm, either that or it’s written in sweedish, hard to say, apparently it’s 15 pages long though. @notch will do a blog post later to comment on the situation.

It wasn’t long ago that notch (creator of minecraft) and Todd Howard (Bethesda’s game director) did an interview together after E3

Well i was considering buying Skyrim Elder Scrolls, it does look good, but not now, Bathesda are sucky. Though @notch tweeted he still <3 them, and hopes it just lawyers being lawyers. I say 😛 to you Bathesda 😛 or somethings else thats mean. lol


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