Another Day, Another World

Holy shizzle, it’s Amiga resurrection time. Cult classic Another World, the cinematic 90s hit that pioneered vector graphics and rotoscoping, is coming to an iPhone near you (oh, and iPad too).

Telling the story of geeky-ginge scientist Lester Knight Chaykin, transported by a failed nuclear experiment into a world of alien monsters (with strangely marshmallow-looking heads), the game was a huge hit across an amazing 11 platforms thanks to unique and highly stylized presentation that was radically ahead of its time when it launched in 1991. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, Another World (known as Out of This World to our American friends) blended gorgeous cut screens and a series of ingenious puzzle and action sequences, all overseen by French master craftsman Eric Chahi.

Now Chahi has selected DotEmu, and publisher Bulkypix, to port his sexy little gem to iOS. It’s worth another look people, so keep your eyes peeled later this year.

Thanks to Guest1001 for the vid.

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