And it was STILL better than a 32X

You ever seen this before? SEGA made a personal organiser… And from the look of the ad, it was around the Megadrive era. Weird – I’ve never even heard this mentioned before…


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  1. Dibbs says:

    There’s a few interesting anomalies in the Segaverse. You ever seen the Sega Mega Jet? Things like that are pretty cool. And the Sega Pico was a funny li’l gizmo too. I remember reading it was more powerful than a Megadrive, though I dunno if its true. Sega were always toying with hardware which I always found interesting. Think I once saw a Sega pocket TV in one of those one mechanical arm grabbing machine thingies at Thorpe Park. Guess it wouldn’t be much use now mind you!

  2. bedgell says:

    Hurrah! Unblocked comments ahoy! Yeah I’ve seen pico and the tv thing too I think – tho not this little sucker. I guess like most companies they’ll apply their skill set to anything they can. And in fairness to them, they’ve never really made a bad machine – I mean, Mega CD didn’t do much but it was still better than any other cd effort anyone else did at the time. Cd32 anyone? And 32X was a wasted mid-generation type thing and probably the closest you get to lame – but if they’d just done it a year earlier or made it just a bit cheaper then it might have had a run at it. Saturn had, like, two problems with no transparency and funny shaped polygons but it was still awesome for the games – if it had had ff7 instead of playstation then it might have been much more even… And dreamcast I still think was awesome. Just timing again. No joke tho i played more on that and it had more things if consider classic than ps2…

  3. bedgell says:

    I mean, I know now they failed we kinda think worse of their machines. And really 32x was kinda lame if I’m honest – so maybe they did do one bad one. But apart from that one they never had a machine that doesn’t have a proper set of classics. You take zelda and Mario out, and Nintendo hasn’t done any better since the SNES. And zelda and Mario are classic, but it’s cheating to have the same frickin thin propping your machine up every time…

  4. Dibbs says:

    32X was a weird one. I remember reading about why they wanted to do it and utilise the Megadrives big (for the time) install base, but it definitely ended up being a case of Sega of America and Sega of Japan pulling in seperate directions when they should have both just focused on the Saturn. Still, coz the Saturn ended up so awesome I couldn’t care less what happened, or how many people didnt buy it. The fighting and driving games were all better than the PSX counterparts, plus of course there’s Nights which is one of the best games ever. It was only really the RPG’s and perhaps Metal Gear that were awesome on Playstation for me. There were a lot of good RPG’s that never made it to Europe like Chrono Cross and Xenogears as well. In fact, I guess testament to Plastations RPG finery is that I’ve poured a good couple of days into FFVII this week 18 years after release while GTA V is sitting in my Xbox wondering why its not getting more air time! Grig I’m old…

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