3DS update ahoy

The November update for the 3DS is upon us, this December 8th, hey it could of been worse, the big updates are the 3D video recording which is just as bad as the 3D camera so i’ll skip that one, but the most important feature is transferring 3DS data from one 3DS you own to another 3DS you own before you sell your old, you know because you bought the limited edition zelda 3DS, even though you already had both the console and the game. Sucka.

So being a sucka myself, i can confirm that it does go smoothly, but you are limited to once in 7 days, and have a limit of 5 times a device can be involved in transferring, hopefully there won’t be much need for this. Look on the bright side, at least old ds titles work on the 3ds, unlike paying for your old psp games to be on the vita, and thats only some of them, what a gyp. And yes, i will be getting a vita, and don’t ask me why, i’ve got over 2 months to justify it.

Oh, theres suppose to be some better dlc integration too, and updated mii pass goodness. I haven’t mii passed anybody since the Zelda concert, which i still don’t think i’ve reviewed, in case i don’t get round to that, it was phenomenal, and if the opportunity arrises again, its well worth 150 dabloons, and they were as cheap as £63, if that seems steep to you, it won’t after you’ve experienced video game music in an orchestra live. The CD with skyward sword didn’t do it justice. Speaking of which, be careful for a game stopping bug whe you complete some desert stuff first and then talk to a particular goron twice, Nintendo have news of it apparently, i haven’t checked, just be careful, or go visit nintendo to be sure.

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