Grig Orig at 5

Well, it’s been five long years since Grig Orig started tearing it up on the Internet. Occasionally, I have a brief flick back through the archives and relive the various moments that, since I don’t keep a diary, have almost become a commentary/reference point on what I was focussing on at the time. Or rather, what I was getting grigged off about in gaming. It’s a slow degeneration from the ‘not much hope’ of the early days, to the ‘that’s it. I’m done.’ of the modern era.

But what a ride!

I laughed! I cried! I cried again. I cried some more. And then I wondered what’s the point. But such is the way of life here at Grig Orig… and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Then of course there was the great Griggish blackout of ’12/’13, effectively sheering over a year off of our operation and putting a huge dent in the impressive feat of the aforementioned five years of service… but we won’t go into that.

And so for once, I’m not going to write a fifteen-hundred word strong article that no one will bother reading anyway. What I will leave you with on this momentous occasion however, is the following…

Huh. So that’s what happens when you try and make a video out of a blog.

So there ya blow. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time at Grig Orig, it’s that I use too many commas and don’t quite, know where to, put them,. Oh, and ellipsis’s… serious… overuse.

But before I go, and coz I’m feeling merciful, there’s one last piece of housekeeping to deal with on this most epic of occasions (oh go on then)…'re free!


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Merry Christmas Nights Ahoy!

Well since we’re being productive on Grig…

and yes Lartens, I know I suck at this game. I could almost sense you shaking your head at every missed chip but it’s the best I could do after being no good at the game to start with and then only having 2 warm up goes after a year of not having played it. Also, lag, and any other excuse I can get my hands on.

Yeah. I’m just bad.

Anyhoo, merry Christmas!

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Meanwhile, in 1991…

Man, that felt good. On a whim, I downloaded Super Mario Land on Virtual Console last night – and that puppy is still a belter! The platform stages are perfect (the bit where you ride a rolling rock was revolutionary and is still pretty good!), the music is brilliant (as well as the obvious themes, stage 2 is SO good – in fact, I’m gonna put that below too – and of course, the happy riff in this end music above is one of the all time greats), the graphics are classic Game Boy cute and… whaddya know, I went and completed that bad boy in one sitting.

It’s not a major feat, as I remember once completing it in the car on the way to school so it’s clearly a bit of a short adventure. But it was classic how, after more than TWO DECADES, i still remembered the tricks, the secrets, and which jumps are a real bitch. Even better, though, I’d forgotten about the submarine / plane stages – SO good!

Anyway, the point of this is it got me in the mood for more completions (and classic 90s gaming). So how about on Night Trap night let’s get ourselves a classic Game Boy game each on Virtual Console (or a Game Gear or NES game, I suppose) and complete that sucker in one night. It could be the night of four completions – a true Grigging record! Some suggestions to whet your whistle – Mega Man (any of), Shinobi (Game Gear), Balloon Kid (I kinda fancy playing this one again, which is where this all came from), Sonic 1 or 2 (Game Gear obvs), 6 Golden Coins (I’ve actually never played that I don’t think…)… man, there are loads. So, you in?!

Super Mario Land, yesterday. This kid is right actually – the combination of UFO, skeleton fish, and seahorses IS a bit weird. Though I think that UFO might be meant to be a submarine. Still… It’s a bit messed up.

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Er… New NES Release Roundup!

Yes, it’s true – a brand spanking new release for the NES! This little beaut showcases 8-bit power at its grandest – and I’ll be darned if it doesn’t look all-tooting spankerific.

It’s not actually a game, but still does some marvellous things with the sound and graphics that will make you wonder why the NES isn’t still kicking it with the next gen punks. It’s a little powerhouse! I did wonder whether they’d managed to make the sound better because there was no game going on at the same time. I mean, it sounds pretty advanced compared to how I remember those tunes at the time. Impressive!

Anyhoo, watch away Grigadiers! And a very Merry Christmas to one and all! Ho Ho Groon!

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Retro vid of retro pickups starring the boys from the Grig!

Well, I said I was gonna trawl this one out… and here it is. No more babbling needed. Roll that shizzle!

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‘Kup, Hotrod, look!’

Grig mongers! Now, I ain’t intending to keep posting stuff from Dibbs of the Grig Gaming all over the show here at Grig, but this one you gotta take a butchers at – Transformers Devastation ahoy! And it looks freakin’ sweet! Get ready to run riot with Prime before a showdown with the big man himself – Devastator! Let’s get busy with the Griggy!

So there ya go. Looking pretty darn awes, no? Except for my gameplay. But I’m hoping for good things from the rest of this game coz what I played so far was pretty flippin’ good!

And so, I’ll see ya next time. Same Grig time, same Grig cha…

Ah shut up. Laters.

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Some Sega Rally?

Grig-mongers! So Dibbs of the Grig Gaming is racing forth at full steam, throwing out content like it’s going out of fashion… which technically it is coz it’s mostly retro. Or is that now officially cool and in fashion right now? Whatever. The point is that I’ve defied my own expectations for how much effort I thought I was going to put in to this li’l endeavour and have plooped out far more videos than I thought I would. So I thought I’d throw another one up on the ol’ Grig for no reason at all. That’s a lot of thoughts! Sega Rally ahoy…

Well, I aint as good as you two Grigadiers, but I was surprised that I could actually get first after all these years after only a little bit of a warm up. And it was still a dang fine time playing such a beaut again! And I now have a catch phrase which I’ll leave you with…

‘So I’ll see you next time, same Grig time, same Grig channel.’

Yeah, I didn’t say it was a good one.

Just that I had one.


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Dibbs of the Grig Gaming ahoy!

Well here’s something a bit different. So I had the worst idea ever, but rather than stop myself from doing it, I just blocked out the myriad of voices telling me to stop and went ahead and did it anyway. Yep, I’ve decided for this post to step it up a notch. And by that, I mean make the worst YouTube channel known to man.

My thinking went thus – why spend hours scribing for the Grig when I can just stick on a game and warble a bunch of buh over the top of it in about a third of the time it would usually take me to ploop out one of my posts?

And so, I set up a channel, made a li’l logo, grabbed some random title music off my archaic computer that I recorded about 8 years ago, setup some recording stuff, and I was away… in probably even more time to put it all together than I would normally take on a standard post anyway. Fail.

The results of my recording-related tomgriggery (and poorly handled sound) can be found below. I apologise in advance…

Well… there ya go. Hmm.

I did vet it via Lucy before I put it up by showing it to her. She fell asleep. So I waited till another day since she must’ve just been tired. She fell asleep again. I’m not joking. Oh well, if nothing else, at least there are many great life lessons I can take away from all this. Namely that I am definitely not fit for purpose. And I’m not even just referring to being a person on YouTube who makes videos. I mean as a human being in general. But I will soldier on undeterred!

For now.

Oh yeah, and part 2 is also on the channel if you head there.

This is Dibbs… of the Grig, apparently… signing out. Enjoy your day.

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Did You Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*? Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*.

What’s that you say? A Pokemon-esque JRPG featuring ghosts and a magic watch that’s made by Level-5 and raked in a billion dollars in Japan and is now winging its way to 3DS over here in the West?!

Holy Handhelds, that warrants a second post in a day*!

The inspo (that’s inspiration, said by a yoof) for this post was a Verge article confirming a U.S. release this autumn which didn’t mention the UK, but if you’re in the know (checked Google just now for two minutes), you’ll remember Nintendo confirming Europe distribution last year or some dang thang like that. So yay!

*Regular users will have noticed this post landed the wrong side of midnight so really  it’s a different day. But as there are no regular users other than us three and those in the GRiG dungeon being made to watch by The Grig and his Whip I don’t think that really matters…

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Games Go Vinyl!


News can be slow to reach us here in GRiG Towers, ensconced, as we are, in our veritable fortress surrounded by the latest and greatest security features. I’ll still defend our choice to shut out the world – prompted as it was but the horrors of Teri Hatcher’s haircut – but sometimes the insularity can be a pest. The postman, for instance, often struggles to get across the moat with his little cart. Those Fedex delivery men have a devil of a time getting their vans through the minefield. And don’t even speak to me about the paper boy… What he’s done to offend the archers I don’t know, but it’s been many a moon since I’ve received my copy of the Eastbourne Argus. Who knows how Eastbourne Borough FC fared in their crucial play-off clash with Lewes in the 1997 Sussex County League?!

I shudder to think.

Anyhoo, sometimes messages of import filter through the vast security net. There was that messenger pigeon with the second season boxset of Desperate Housewives sellotaped to its leg that somehow managed to get into Numbnuts’ room on the second floor. Sadly, it was rewarded for its heroics by being pulverised with an old Nike Air Max as, in retrospect, a pigeon is a bad sort of messenger to send his way. I’m still wondering whether Susan copped off with the plumber guy.

A pigeon, yesterday. Some viewers may find these images distressing.

And then there was the time we invented the Transspatial Temporal Dimensional Fluxovator, allowing us to shift seamlessly between time and space, opening up vast possibilities for improving the lot of man, righting historical wrongs and guiding humankind to a kinder, happier future. And I must say, our test run to Ross’s sister’s living room to look up nuddy pics on her dial-up was a BIG success. A shame that I lost the remote control or we could have used it, like, LOADS.

Today, therefore, is a GREAT day. For news has reached us that a new VINYL record is going to be released! And passé though you may think this is, it features music from the 1990s! So it’s WAY ahead of its time! Sort of. You see, these are vinyl pressings of your favourite video games music – all in swanky boxes with special designs and whatnot. Hurrah!

A hint as to the real point of this article, yesterday.

Now for those of you who’ve read this far (which probably just includes me, proof reading this back) I salute you and will reward you with a very distilled version of the facts and link to the much better written article that I nabbed all this information from. Releases will include Streets of Rage (by our very own Yuzo Koshiro), Street Fighter II, and Shenmue – whoop – and, for some reason Battletoads. Actually, I scoff there, but I did listen to the Battletoads music and, while it’s terrible, it’s also kind of amazing for the NES.

My favourite news, though, was that Yuzo Koshiro was apparently influenced by European dance music – notably Enigma, of Return to Innocence fame. Well I never. That little tale has the makings of a film, with the poor repressed dance-music fan being all downtrodden by his vicious Japanese parents who want him to be an IT data cruncher and so he spends all his days holed up in his room with a secret Walkman with a mixtape that’s got Rhythm Is A Dancer on repeat until HURRAH! one day he combines HIS passion with THEIR ambitions and does computers AND music together! Sort of.

If you read the actual article (here), there’s also a little link to another piece about playing Shenmue for the first time, 15 years late. Kind of relevant after Diki’s piece / comment featuring just such an event recently.

Shenmue, yesterday. Or maybe in 1999. Who can tell?

Man, thinking about it, I could have just posted those two links and saved myself, and you two, a lot of time. Ashasha, but then where would we be?! Successful and rich due to capitalising on all the previously-wasted time you say?! Psshhhhh. I’m happy in my cell in GRiG Towers thank you kindly. Yes, Mr GRiG, I will have some more gruel, thank you. And a beating you say? Why, how delightful.


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