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  • bedgell:My first via ferrata Kandersteg Allmenalp Duuuuuuude that is hwality – I thought you were just gonna wander the city and eat some raclette. I didn’t realise you were planning to go all mission impossible on our collective asses?!! Good tunes too…
  • bedgell:The Loooooong Contained… Yeah this is a good call – I need to get me a list of hwality numbers and go shopping. My little retro shop down the road has loads and a I tend to ignore them but you’re right, let’s get em while they’re cheap….
  • Dibbs:The Loooooong Contained… Good save dude, good save.

    Completely off topic – what a grand time it is for grabbing Xbox 360 games. I’m starting to feel like we’re at that point where nobody wants the games and you can just pick them up for a couple of quid and they’re still everywhere so you’re not just trawling exclusively through different years of FIFA versions. I’m tempted to preempt my future selfs retro needs by making sure that I have a decent stock by grabbing this stuff now. Like I just picked up 3 decent games for just over a fiver the other week. Course I can never second guess what I’ll be into successfully though and I’ll prob shoot for stuff like cheap Skyrims when really 46 year old me will proble be hungerin’ for Barbies Kinect fashion bonanza.

    I don’t think that game actually exists. But it definitely sounds like the kind of thing I’d be into.

  • bedgell:Oculus Rift, it came, it went, I’m going to Switzerland Ooh that would be cool – when you going in June?
  • lartens:Oculus Rift, it came, it went, I’m going to Switzerland The sale of the rift is paying for a Switzerland trip on June. Geneva to lautterbrunnen to zurich. Want to come?
  • ben:Oculus Rift, it came, it went, I’m going to Switzerland Wait – what was the going to Switzerland reference about?!
  • bedgell:Oculus Rift, it came, it went, I’m going to Switzerland Man, I realise how lazy I’ve become. If I can’t do something from my phone, I now basically don’t do it. I got me a couple of stories to publish but I need the laptop version of WordPress so I just can’t be arsed… So thank god for night and a disappointing VR experience for saving our April!! I tell ya tho, if you sell something for hundreds of quid it’s gotta be amazing. Not “its nearly great but just not there” – that’s 200 quid territory… I think we’re at least 5 years from me caring about VR. First perfect it, then get some games, then put it on a platform I stand a chance of owning… Minimum: 5 years…
  • lartens:Everybody’s Looking For That Soooooooooomething… My two cents from an avid NES user back in the day is one of the most overlooked Zelda game and that’s Zelda II the adventure of link, the palace theme music just gets me

    And then there’s the overworld

    I wonder if this is a nostalgia thing as I loved zelda 2, or weather it is a good tune, I mean the mario land one you posted was good and I only played it once maybe.

    Speaking of Mario how about the cheeky little number from the western Mario 2

  • lartens:Woah, the Vive is how much! Yeah this is the thing, I mean it’s early days, and to think developers started making rift games like four years ago when the kickstarter happened, I mean doom bfg edition was suppose to be free to backers and have rift support, I don’t know if it did, but there’s a new Doom coming out it was so long ago. But once people have VR and there’s a market for the games to have that functionality then they’ll come, but do all games need it? I’ve recently started playing Skyrim again as I wasn’t that far into it on the xbox or PC, and there is a mod that you can use and 3rd part software to make it display like a rift, I’m not sure if I’ll install all that though just to be immersed, I mean it’s still a great game on a 2d screen.

    I see there’s a fork of the Dolphin emulator to play Game Cube and wii games, and I think I saw something about a nes emulator doing something similar, but again, is it necessary.

    Xbox one is going to be compatible through a Win 10 PC but that’s suppose to be like sitting in a theatre watching it on a big screen rather than immersion, which is kind of the whole point of VR, that said, you never know if I’ll end up watching movies on it as my primary device lol

    I think it all comes down to Minecraft, as everyone who experienced it with the Rift recently loved it. So a £1000 PC and a £500 Rift (not that I paid that) is a fair chunk of money for Minecraft lol. At least I needed a future proofed beefed up PC.

    Which reminds me, today’s task is put the model 2 and 3 emulators on it

  • bedgell:Woah, the Vive is how much! at the minute to me, this IS looking different from attempts to launch VR in the past – but it still doesn’t look a dead cert. What’s different appears to be the tech as it seems the hardware is actually decent. not just the headsets, which are clearly better than any of the massive contraptions or poor res stuff of the past, but obviously also the processing power that means the games are actually worth looking at. i read some thing on the Oculus site saying the headset has to produce two thousand by thousand frames, HD at 90 frames per second. that’s hardcore.

    buuuuuut… the bit that’s missing does seem the games. i mean, there are some decent looking ones there and all but… what you really need is for it to just be compatible with, well, everything. speciality tech just has a horrible history where it’s inaccessible…

    still very tempted though.

  • lartens:It’s Gurn-a Be A Hot One, Mother son of a mother, what did you do

    I’ve update your post, seems to have fixed it, I think it’s a permalink thing, the post name was its datarow id so I’ve changed it in the db.

    weird bro

  • Dibbs:Everybody’s Looking For That Soooooooooomething… Finally, some commenting action! What’s weird is that it now says there’s a comment on the last post but it still says not found. What the?!!!

    Anyway, here are the musings I was going to post. Luckily I write my comments in my notes before posting them so I don’t accidentally knock some other button and lose my excessive scribblings which I’ve done before and nearly thrown my phone:

    Ok, so without too much thought, here’s a few off the top of my head. Sonic CD – euro/Japanese soundtrack obvs, although the US one is okish too. Thats’s standard. As is Nights, although I always particularly liked the Soft Museum music, standard version without any level condition alterations. Sega Rally Saturn version with Joe Satriani tearing it up on guitar. A massive improvement over the arcade. Shun Di’s theme VF2, and VR Temjin’s theme (into the blue I think it’s called) from Virtual On.
    Pretty much everything from Gunstar Heroes – and somebody’s done a really cool guitar medley of it all on YouTube too. Sakura theme Alpha 2, Guile theme SFIV, E.Honda theme SFIV. SF2 end music. The Shantae games also have some of the best soundtracks I’ve heard too, particularly in recent times.

    Oh, and look up Revenge of Shinobi’s Chinatown mixed with Michael Jacksons Beat It on YouTube. So many people do stuff like this and it always sucks, but this one is really good.

  • bedgell:Consumer Oculus Rift confirmed 499 GBP so wait, what can you actually DO with the oculus rift? sounds stupid in a way, but try this: with a console and a telly, i can play games. what do you put with an oculus rift to play games?! and assuming it’s a console or PC, is it only limited titles that play? and do you only have limited actions you can do?!

    wait… you’ve got one of these haven’t you?! didn’t you get an early version of it or something?!

  • bedgell:It’s Gurn-a Be A Hot One, Mother i don’t know what y’all moaning about! look at this here comment!
  • bedgell:Consumer Oculus Rift confirmed 499 GBP Complete load of suck? That’ll do!
  • Dibbs:Consumer Oculus Rift confirmed 499 GBP Jacksie! Well, that’s a beastly price tag to start. i was wondering how crazy these things were gonna be cost wise. I guess I’ll see VR in 20 years or so!

    As for Night Trap, I’ve spent literally an entire day on the vid so far… and it sucks. Pretty much up to the standards of my channel, but I think I can get more out of it so I’m taking time to think how best to do it. Can’t let it defeat me though, it will emerge!

  • bedgell:Consumer Oculus Rift confirmed 499 GBP GRiG
  • bedgell:Consumer Oculus Rift confirmed 499 GBP Ps well played to my iPhone that seems to have learned to spell check GRiG towers and automatically do the capitals in GRiG. Except this time it didnt. Piece of freakin buh
  • bedgell:Consumer Oculus Rift confirmed 499 GBP Son of a freakin Jim – a post from lartens! 2016 truly is already a year of wonders! Oh and the oculus price is also quite shocking… Hehe. Is yours gonna be the retail model then? Cos don’t you already have one?! Do you mean you get another one too?!

    Speaking of posts from you two, I’d just like to confirm I’d be very excited to see the night trap post. No pressure of course. Time is hardly of the essence here at GRiG towers. But just in case you were thinking nah, I can’t be arsed – just to confirm you’ve got a ready audience more excited than a Star Wars fan in a queue at comic con…

  • Dibbs:Grig Orig at 5 I’m more concerned about why he has now, apparently, been inside a lamp when we’ve been banging on about him being locked up in GRiG Towers basement for the last three years. Nothing like a bit of Griggish-consistency. GRiG nerds far and wide are probably sifting through our posts as we speak trying to figure out what is canon and what was just pure buh.

    Unless… there was more than one Grig the whole time… dum dum duuuuuuuummmmmm!

    That one’ll keep ’em busy for years.

  • bedgell:Grig Orig at 5 I’m glad the Grig finally got his freedom. Though I heard that now he’s free his powers will start to wane – meaning he’ll struggle to defeat any other grigs if they return from the cave of wonders. Wait… Is that right?
  • Dibbs:GRiG at 5! Mid-Term Report! Grigging The World. Put in its place yet again by the GRiG. Which reminds me to start calling the blog ‘the GRiG’ to differentiate it from the times I’m talking about our resident monster of iniquity ‘The Grig’. It always concerned me that it may confuse any average-off-the-street-Joe-packer who might stumble upon our operation and boggle their buh. The rest of it obviously makes perfect sense.
  • Dibbs:Grig Orig at 5 It’s funny how tastes differ – that photo of the winged fiend was, funnily enough, my least favorite, ha ha!
  • Dibbs:Grig Orig at 5 Darn, I see it’s been a busy day here at Grig! This is actually the second time I’ve replied to this, but my thumb slipped on my phone and I lost what I’d written resulting in me feeling excessively grigged off, disappointed that I’d wasted my time, and like my day was ruined. In a way it was reassuring to know that an average trip to Grig Orig has lost nothing in those 5 years.
  • lartens:GRiG at 5! Mid-Term Report! How does the match do it, that’s amazing! Hehe
    Man that was close, GRiG vs the world, but this victory might be our downfall, we must prevail with deterministic endevour of new top quality content. Flolla walla jim jam.
  • Lartens:Grig Orig at 5 My favourite was the pidgeon with the caption ‘some viewers may find this image offensive’ of something along those lines haha. Nice work on the montage dude. We’ve had some really good times over the years
  • Lartens:Hello world! Haha. No there was one correcting me on making wordpress validate html. But yeah tge rest were spam lol
  • bedgell:Hello world! Is this our only ever comment from someone other than us? From the code itself? A pity comment?!?!
  • bedgell:Grig Orig at 5 Hot griggedy gram! Five years huh? You know, as the age difference between me and some girl on a campsite, it doesn’t seem that much – but in game journalism years it’s an eternity. Or that’s certainly what it feels like reading back through it… Ashasha I joke of course – clearly I’m never going to read back through it… Top quality video look back there punkass – my favourite bit, just as in real life, is seeing “no comments”. Aaah memories… And I think… Yes, I think you’ve inspired a follow up article!
  • lartens:Meanwhile, in 1991… Oooh. I never really played zelda 1. That could be the day. Are we still saying 29th as I may be StarWarsing 30th
  • bedgell:Merry Christmas Nights Ahoy! Ooh, and in keeping with the donkey kong and bongos comment, I found those puppies but I don’t have a damn video player anymore! I need to get me a vee cee arrrr
  • bedgell:Merry Christmas Nights Ahoy! That’s the other thing I found in the attic at my mum’s (as well as the psp). All my superman collection!
  • Dibbs:Merry Christmas Nights Ahoy! Sounds like the situation I had with Donkey Konga. I never owned the actual game and the bongos at the same time. Mare. And completely off topic I just realised I haven’t watched the Christmas superman. I need to fix that.
  • bedgell:Merry Christmas Nights Ahoy! well dude, it was a still a lot better than i could ever do on nights. though i never had the pad… i do have one now though i’m not actually sure whether i’ve got nights… man i’ll have to check that puppy out. i do have christmas nights though, i’m sure…
  • bedgell:Meanwhile, in 1991… Yep, 3x3DS’s a go go. Though each with a different game… These were my favourites tho there are quite a few others on virtual console – any that take your fancy? Mario 3 or one of the zeldas would be a very ballsy choice as possibly a bit longer than anything else…
  • Dibbs:Meanwhile, in 1991… Good buh, I was playing this a few weeks back trying out some Gameboy stuff on the Retron 5. It was kinda weird seeing it on a huge screen but actually didn’t look as bad as I thought!

    So do you mean get a game on the 3DS Virtual Console and bring those?

  • bedgell:Meanwhile, in 1991… Actually, now I watch the video again, maybe it is a UFO. Man, that IS weird. Anyway – that’s two years in a row we’ve posted every month now. HURRAH! Go GRIG!
  • bedgell:Some Sega Rally? man, well i LIKE the catch phrase… it’s reassuring you know? like a comfort blanket. or an ugly chick you know you can pull at a disco. or that rabbit carcass that’s been in the same spot in the hedge by the road for the last three weeks and even though it’s gross it’s still kinda reassuring to know it’s there every time you walk past.

    well, i didn’t say it liked it for good reasons.

    just that i liked it.

    (ps, as i know we attract readers from every spectrum, i should point out that i was, of course, being ironic about an ugly chick at a disco. everyone is beautiful, even if sometimes that’s on the inside. and plus, quite clearly i couldn’t even manage to pull HER… ashasha…)

  • Dibbs:Retro vid of retro pickups starring the boys from the Grig! Good plan! The only thing is my top 10 list would probably change over time so there would be other games I need that I didn’t initially, then it would just keep going and going until I have to get like 50 game’s minimum per machine. Then there are other obscure things that I randomly remember that would be nowhere near the top games but I start to obsess about getting just coz it’s been on my mind and it bugs me until I have it, usually ending up sitting in a stack without ever playing it. So really, I just need to buy every game. Which is what I usually end up doing. So I guess I’m on the right track.
  • bedgell:Retro vid of retro pickups starring the boys from the Grig! Hot diggedy… I feel a kind of jealousy at the old me for all the games that punk coulda picked up. I mean, think of the number of pro evo’s ive bought at 40 quid a go that could have funded 20 snes games at these prices… Sigh… I think I might write myself a list of the top 10 games on each system and then make sure I’ve got them all before they disappear for ever…
  • Dibbs:‘Kup, Hotrod, look!’ Well we can never be accused of a lack of excitement here at Grig. If ever we are, I’ll direct them to these two comments. From the ‘oh no, it’s not working’ epicness of the first post, to the ‘oh wait. Yes it is.’ of the conclusion, this is pure blogitorial gold!
  • bedgell:‘Kup, Hotrod, look!’ Ah it’s ok I got it!
  • bedgell:‘Kup, Hotrod, look!’ Freakin jemimas – can’t get the video to play… Hang on…
  • Dibbs Ahoy:Dibbs of the Grig Gaming ahoy! I got one of the older Elgato Game Capture thingys. The 30fps one. There’s a newer one now that does 60fps that i would think is pretty cool.

    I thought i’d set both vids to public so i’ll have to check and see if i screwed up. Got some ideas for some other vid’s I might try so I’m gonna have a crack at some other bits when i get some time. Lucy freakin’ loved these first two… not, ha ha!

  • lartens:Dibbs of the Grig Gaming ahoy! Haha, dibbs lets play with picture in picture. Vlogger ahoy. Only pt 2 of your vid was searchable on youtube on xbox, is the other private? What are you using to record anyway?
  • lartens:Games Go Vinyl! Haha. Some viewers may find these inages distressing lol.

    I’m so behind the times, this completely escaped me

  • bedgell:Your Future Now Rests With… This Man. This was actually a reply to diki’s post above numnuts’ one… But oh well it’s all fun and hijinx
  • bedgell:Your Future Now Rests With… This Man. Wooh look at this! It’s like a prediction of the future or some buh!
  • bedgell:Did You Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*? Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*. Yeah my ni no kuni adventure was a fair bit shorter lived than that – but not through lack of enjoyment as much as just can’t take the play station with you. But a 3ds is a whole different ballgame… Sort of. I mean, I rarely actually take it anywhere with me. But it does come along on my toilet breaks – so that’s something right?
  • Dibbs:Did You Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*? Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*. Dude, nice work on the posting tomgriggery! The ol’ brain was recollecting something about this game coming our way, maybe I read that Euro release information from back yonder that you mention. Hope this games good. I really liked Ni No Kuni, even though I doubt I would go back to it, but it was fun at the time. I had many an hour to burn back when it came out, mostly sitting up literally all night with Ellie when she was first born. Just over 90 hours I put into it. That’s a lot of late evening/early morning baby-holding action! Now I can’t get five grigging minutes on something without being summoned. Sigh. Stupid grown up stuff getting in the way of my games!

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