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CVG Shutting Up Shop

It’s been a while since the ol’ vidya games were represented well with a hwality bit of magazinery. Last I can remember was Sega Saturn Magazine from way back in the late 90′s captained by Richard Leadbetter. But what’s even … Continue reading

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Tomb Raidin’ tomfoolery at it’s finest!

So is everyone enjoying the Tomb Raider fun and frolics this week? Been entertaining, huh? Well, as someone who enjoyed the first game, I’ve been particularly interested in Crystal Dynamics Rise of the Tomb Raider. But it’s not exactly been … Continue reading

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Minecraft comes to Vita and others in August

Mojang have pretty much announced that XBOX One, PS4 and Vita version of their massively popular sandbox game is coming in August. Better yet the Vita version can swap saves with the p3, it’s also part of that buy on … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment heading to EU Vitas

So get this right, there’s an anime/manga/light novel that focuses on characters who play an online MMORPG with the use of an emmersive headset that intercepts any movement and puts it into the game rather than their physical bodies. Except … Continue reading

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RetroN 5 may no longer be a myth

It’s close, it’s so very close, sources say that the retroN 5 will be in the hands of suppliers end of June, that’s only 2 months away, surely after delay upon delay it can’t be a ploy to lower our … Continue reading

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Atari Jagu-open-wide-and-say-aaaaaaaaah

Yes, my name is Griggle Piiiiiiiigle! Y’know, all the E.T. boohockey last week reminded me of another li’l nugget of Atari-flavoured tom-griggery that may tingle your gaming taste buds. While the failure of E.T. lead to its mass dumping in … Continue reading

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Blast from the past, SEGA, Dreamcast hanging in there, E3, Game Network

I just found this recording on an old VHS tape labeled back to the future, because it had the movie on there, but also it’s like time traveling back 13 years when there was satellite channel with video games, weird … Continue reading

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On the trail of Streets of Rage 4

Grigori(g) Rasputin! Think I used that one before… Ah, a lovely day off. What shall I do? The suns shining, the birds are singing, and there’s excitement in the air! Best stay inside with the curtains closed and write some … Continue reading

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Pointless Bloodrayne 2 Review Ahoy – PS2 Version

Welcome my Grigadiers, one and all, for another exciting episode of Dibbs Ahoys Reviews of Complete Irrelevance (Darci? A bit like that chick from the Smashing Pumpkins)! In celebration of the release of Titanfall, I thought that it was time … Continue reading

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Snatcher shenanigans abound!

Ok, here’s an intriguing one for you. So it seems that the glut of fan made games that still continue to trickle out for the Dreamcast long after its official plug-pulling by Sega, is about to be joined by a … Continue reading

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