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My top kickstarter games to keep an eye on right now, cos I just looked

Did you want to play a simulation game like the new (last year) Sim City V but were put off by the failure and publisher, well sometime in the next couple of years, probably three by Kickstarter standards there is … Continue reading

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RetroN 5 may no longer be a myth

It’s close, it’s so very close, sources say that the retroN 5 will be in the hands of suppliers end of June, that’s only 2 months away, surely after delay upon delay it can’t be a ploy to lower our … Continue reading

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Manga you say, yes, there is a Zelda Manga, a collection in fact

Warning! this article may contain manga spoilers There is a ten book box set as seen above of Zelda in manga form, based on the video games the manga has some non-canonical elements but largely sticks to the events of … Continue reading

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Blast from the past, SEGA, Dreamcast hanging in there, E3, Game Network

I just found this recording on an old VHS tape labeled back to the future, because it had the movie on there, but also it’s like time traveling back 13 years when there was satellite channel with video games, weird … Continue reading

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How do you fit Paramore into a gaming/manga blog?

Well the answer to the title is with an 8-bit cover version of one of their most recent songs Ain’t it fun as posted by 8 bit universe over on the web video watching site commonly known as youtube. We … Continue reading

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Pixels huh

We love pixelly goodness here at the GRiG, but what about in the movies? Well wreck it Ralph had some, but was mostly hi res 3d models, it was about the arcade world though, paying homage to the good old … Continue reading

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Animal crossing the chores, the grinding, and for what?

When I went to Japan in the summer of 2013 I thought animal crossing would be a good game to get in case there were any street pass opportunities. As it turned out there wasn’t really, nothing useful anyway, at … Continue reading

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Real journalism folks, GTA V pre orders start Friday

OK, OK, so I’m just re blogging the same old blogging news, apparently according to a source on a blog somewhere, new is coming out of Sweden that pre orders for the unconfirmed pc version of Grand Theft Auto V … Continue reading

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Get Filezilla to preview images in Windows Photo Viewer without inheriting default programs from windows

Woah, didn’t I just write a post, and now another one, ok people here’s what’s going down. Usually on say a windows 7 machine, when you open an image it opens up in Windows Photo Viewer, if you’ve installed other … Continue reading

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Change of format

Hey there GRiG fans, there’s a change of format happening soon, we’re adding manga and anime to the roster ^_^. As you may well know, there is no shortage of tech and video game blogs, and over the past couple … Continue reading

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