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The Truth

Enough said.

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I Wonder How Many Hours I’d Need…

… to catch up on the last 20 years? So I’m off work at the moment and obvs taking the opportunity to nail my way through all the gaming and televisual delights that are normally off limits in the average … Continue reading

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Angry Transvestite Gaming Restores Old School Virtue

Three things are interesting about this little preview for CrossCode I stumbled across just now. 1. The writer claims to be the world’s biggest modern gaming cynic. What in the…?! Has he met Jimmy Jackass?! I mean, there are crazy-coot … Continue reading

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We’re in the pipe. Five by five…

Yes, my fellow Grigadeers, our dreams shall be fulfilled! Because eight months after I last picked up my mocked up USB-Saturn pad to play SNES Zelda on my Mac (what is this weird, chimeric world we live in?!) – I’m … Continue reading

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Make Like A Leaf, and Tree

OK, OK, so it looks eeeeeeeeever so slightly limited but … whoop! THE HOVERBOARD IS HERE! Sadly, though, that sentence kind of sums things up. Because the first words out of our collective mouth should have been crafted from pure … Continue reading

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All Quiet On The Western Grig

So I noticed that we’ve posted on the Grig every month this year up to September – but got grooning close to missing October! Well not on my watch Griggateers! For here is a totally pointless post on Alien Isolation! … Continue reading

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Make Mine A Craft

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m not the best at Minecraft. I got as far as building an oven once but then I couldn’t work out how to make muffin mix so dug a huge hole instead. … Continue reading

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So I’ve been playing Qix on the Game Boy emulator on the 3DS. It’s surprisingly hard – I mean, viciously unpredictable enemy AI, endless traps and ways for you to die, no continues and only 3 lives… And it’s also … Continue reading

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Eight Days And Counting

It’s right here, Ray. It’s looking at me. Hurrah for Fridays! Bastion of Infinite Possibility! Guardian of the Weekend! Harbinger of Funtimes! Friday is the Gatekeeper to a nether world of joy and you? You, my friend, are the Keymaster. … Continue reading

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E.T. the Sub-Terrestrial

Indeed, indeed, indeed – finally the movie looks like it’s nearly upon us. And I think they’re going to nail it as it looks like they’re hanging off the back of it a story about the demise of the video … Continue reading

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